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The irrepressible and exuberant Farah Mitha, singer, songwriter and founder of Firefly, has done it again!

In January 2021, she co-wrote and performed an original song called “Choosing Hope” that captures my journey with cancer. To produce the song, she reached out to the talented Karim Barolia. This was an incredibly beautiful gift of words, music and performance, all wrapped in one. The lyrics are stirring. And Farah sings this song with fierce energy and raw honesty. And this week, Farah released an acoustic version of this song. I cried when I heard it. It brought me back to a time when death seemed inevitable. And it was in that darkness that I found hope to hold on to. And that hope lifted me — slowly, haltingly, faintly — until I pulled myself out of the abyss into the light.

I love the refrain of the song:

“Holding on… yes, I’ve had enough but I’m not giving up.
On my darkest days, love will hold me up, I will survive…
And I choose hope, I’ve come this far I wanna see what’s next, I’m not letting go.
If I don’t wake up tomorrow I’ve got no regrets.
So I choose hope… Count the blessings till my very last breath”.

This is a song about the human spirit, of meeting challenges head on, of survival, of not giving up, of the power of love and hope to see another day. Universal messages that we can resonate with, whatever challenges we may be going through. Farah’s hope is that this song reminds us to focus on what we are grateful for and to never give up. To live a life without regrets and to love your journey wherever it has led you.

Farah and Munira on our deck in July 2021
Farah and Munira on our deck in July 2021

Take a moment, if you will, and listen to this song. I hope you love it as much as I do. And if you do, please like and share, so more people can be exposed to Farah’s work. And check out Farah’s Firefly World page on Instagram for a daily dose of inspiration and tools to help you shine as the brightest version of yourself!

Farah Mitha, singing the acoustic version of her song Choosing Hope

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  • Lucy , January 10, 2022

    Thanks always Munira – you inspire me all the time i read – Lucy Kenya

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