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Deva de Silva
Deva de Silva

For 24 years, my Mom has been my everything – my bestest friend, my personal coach, my confidante, my source of energy, my hero. Though the past 10 months have been a difficult time for our family, it has provided an unexpected opportunity for my Mom to show the world what I’ve been privileged to see in her my entire life.  Through this blog and the numerous people she has met along this journey, my Mom has become a walking example of courage and hope; of embracing vulnerability; of looking at challenges as learning opportunities; of believing in the power of prayer; and of never ever giving up no matter how bad the odds may be.

Someone who has been particularly touched by my Mom’s story, and who has been an integral part of her support network, is Ms. Deva de Silva. As formal colleagues at Sanofi Pasteur, Deva and my Mom worked closely together during the days after my Mom’s diagnosis and the tough weeks leading up to her initial treatment. Deva recently wrote a beautiful poem about my Mom entitled “Brave Heart” and I thought it was worth sharing.


Brave Heart

As skies lighten, and clouds glow
She wakes up at daybreak, with a spirited heart
Be it dragging herself off, or springing up on her cat’s paws
Busying herself with unfamiliar,
Now, familiar daily chores
Without breaking a sweat, or missing a quarter of a beat
In her capable pace, she races through a long list of Things-to-Do

She’s got to-
Keep a zillion clinic appointments
Smile through blood transfusions
Let her caregivers to know that she’s super fine!

She’s got to-
Write on her blog on a myriad of topics
On Hope, Pause, and Focus to inspire her readers!

She’s got to-
Sing at the mosque, in her voice, divine
Simple wisdom in her words to touch others hearts!

She’s got to-
Place herself, second. her loved ones, first
To ensure them always that she is doing great!

She’s got to-
Devise ways to stay focused
Burning a thick candle late into the nights
Yet, keep a cool brow at all times!

She is the
Smile that warms up the coldest of hearts
Attitude that clears up the darkest of skies
Heart that defies the odds that exist
Soldier standing proud. marching head on towards enemy lines
Armed with a robust belief in her god’s graciousness

As I watch her from a distance, my heart heavy with awe
I send her strength, courage, and my deepest of love
That I summon in every form:
Breeze caressing her face, raindrops tracing her hair
Golden leaves flying in her garden, dancing trees to the wind tunes
Snowflakes glistening on branches, stars lighting up her skies
Moonlight guiding her to sleep as she rests until the daybreak

– Written by Deva de Silva


  • Anonymous , December 26, 2012

    Happy New Year Mukhiani Maa

    May the New Year bring Joy, courage, health and happiness to you and your family


  • Anonymous , December 20, 2012

    To truly laugh, you must be able to take your pain, and play with it!
    Charlie Chaplin

  • Rashida Kanji , December 7, 2012

    Absolutely beautiful & Bravo Deva!


  • Anonymous , December 7, 2012

    So beautiful. Thank you Deva and Sabrina for sharing it. BJ

  • Anonymous , December 6, 2012

    Beautiful poem Deva, She really has made me think of all the learning oppurtunities in life.

  • Dilshad Nathoo , December 5, 2012

    Absolutely beautiful and so accurate….


  • Anonymous , December 5, 2012

    AMAZING… well put Deva.

  • Anonymous , December 5, 2012

    excellent piece !! Deva its very true what you have written!!< can you imagine how much time and effort she gave when she was a leader!!!,in our community(she is still a leader!!!) not by name but by action!!!
    we need such leaders every day and every minute!


  • Anonymous , December 5, 2012

    You touch everyone’s heart Munira! I am sure that many people mirror the same feelings as I do. You are my hero and my source of energy too, just like Sabrina says. I am honored to be on your blog , and I want you to know how awed I am, and what a brave heart you have!
    Love, Deva

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