Munira Premji


Last night, my Mum snuck into my bed at midnight to wish me happy birthday.  Yesterday, I turned 24 years old.  As she held me in her arms, she told me how she was proud of the person I had become.  It was only a few years ago that we lay curled up beside each […]

When I grow up, I want to be my Mommy.

Yesterday was Navroz – the mark of a new year and the first day of spring.  As is customary in the Premji household, new beginnings are opportunities to set resolutions.  Gym memberships and eating plans seem trivial.  And learning to cook more than a peanut butter sandwich just doesn’t seem to be a priority anymore.  […]

A Day of Miracles

Thursday March 8th, 8pm, Toronto General Hospital. My Dad, my brother Shayne, and I were crouched around my Mum’s hospital bed in the Emergency Room, reciting our evening prayers together. The mood behind curtain #15 was sombre and still – a change from our normal Premji positivity – interrupted only by muffled cries of sadness.  […]