Munira Premji

10 Reasons Why We Love Our Mom

#10: She connects with people One attribute that I have always admired about my Mom is her ability to connect with people. Whether it is a safari driver in Tanzania, a crepe storeowner in Thornhill or a fellow patient at Princess Margaret Hospital, my Mom has this remarkable ability to very quickly and genuinely connect with others.  […]

A Daughter’s Plea

I am not a particularly good fundraiser, nor do I have rolls of cash spouting out of a well-fitted suit. I am entirely uncomfortable with asking for money, and shy away from sending email blasts. But I am a daughter. A daughter who has never had the need to open up to others because she […]

A Brave Heart

For 24 years, my Mom has been my everything – my bestest friend, my personal coach, my confidante, my source of energy, my hero. Though the past 10 months have been a difficult time for our family, it has provided an unexpected opportunity for my Mom to show the world what I’ve been privileged to […]

A Secret Love Affair

This past Tuesday, my parents sat cuddled on the couch intently tuned into CNN’s election night coverage. With their prediction sheets in hand, they shared insights about US politics, debated emphatically, and marked off States as Democratic and Republican as the votes swirled in. Although arguably the biggest follower of the election in our family […]

“God could not be everywhere so He created mothers”

Recently, a good friend’s mother passed away after a 3.5 year battle with breast cancer.  When I heard the news, I immediately snuck into my Mom’s bed and held her tight, watching her chest move up and down with every breath – thankful that she was alive. Someone once said, “God could not be everywhere, […]