Munira Premji

When Things Don’t Go According to Plan…

So here I was. Preparing to co-facilitate a full day leadership program on zoom for a client in Vancouver. Except I was in Nairobi, a full 11 hours ahead of BC. It was 6:30 pm Kenya time. I was in Shayne’s office, testing everything, getting ready, making sure that the technology was just right. The […]


It was a beautiful example of inclusion. On our recent trip to Nairobi, Nagib and I were at the Sarit Centre with Amaal. Amaal was asleep in her stroller, so we decided to take a much needed break and grab a coffee and cheesecake at The Spring Noshery, a chic and trendy cafe. Seated at […]


Her name is Winnie and she is an active, proud, redhead Kenyan, always moving, her eyes darting to acknowledge a new customer. She has a tiny stall right on the street where she sells fruits and vegetables – avocadoes, mangos, bananas, zucchini, a box of tomatoes or two. She happens to be located within walking […]

Cheche-isms or what Dutch People Say

opened up our eyes to a whole new world and a very different way of living. And we are all the richer for it.

Choosing Hope: Acoustic Version!

This week, the irrepressible and exuberant Farah Mitha released an acoustic version of her original song, “Choosing Hope” that captures my journey with cancer.