Munira Premji

I met Viveka, spent time with Mauro and Chiara, and was mesmerized by Chicca!

The best part of our recent trip to Portugal and Spain was meeting people that left me in awe. In Madrid, I sauntered over to a pop-up venue at a hotel where there were many wares to be bought. I saw a long outfit of shimmering gold that caught my eye and I put it […]

My Book is in the Library!

Ever since I was a teenager, the library was one of my favourite places to hang out. I would scour the titles and touch the books with reverence. It did not matter to me what the genre was – it could be biography or romance or business. I was mesmerized by words on the page […]

And just like that, they are 1!!!

Mos and Amaal, our grandchildren, both turned one in June. They have captured our hearts and imagination.

Will Smith Flipped His Lid

I watched the chaotic incident with Will Smith and Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards and, like many people around the world, was stunned at what had just transpired. Was it part of the act, or something more? From a place of transparency, I love Will Smith.  I think he is a great actor. […]

Discovering the little things

As we spend time with Mos Malik and Amaal Noor, it is fascinating to us how they will focus on the little things. Give them a toy and they will immediately reach out for the tiny label attached to the toy, examine it and put it in their mouth. When crawling to a table, Mos […]