Munira Premji

Four Thousand Weeks

January 25, 2023. Today is my birthday – the day I was born, 64 years ago. I have no idea where the time has flown and how I’m in my ‘sixties’ – I feel so much younger. I also celebrate two additional birthdays: February 15, 2013, when I had my first stem cell transplant and […]

The Surfer’s Mindset

Today I started Cycle 2 of my treatment for relapsed Multiple Myeloma. I’m inspired to start this Cycle with a different mindset – the Surfer’s Mindset, or the Surfer Mentality.

Deep Meaningful Conversations

Wasaga Beach, Ontario – December 27, 2022. One of my most favourite holiday traditions is to come together as a family and reflect on the past year, and talk about the new year. This year it started on Christmas Eve over tea and cinnamon rolls. I put 10 questions in a box and we each […]

A Regular Day at the Hospital

January 3, 2023 – – Today was Day 3 of the new treatment at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and I am beginning to get into the routine nicely. Weekly hospital visits on a Tuesday. Lots of pre-meds prior to going to the hospital. Waiting in the Chemo Lounge (now called the Systemic Therapy Unit!) […]

Living in the moment

Being around Mos and Amaal is a delightful reminder that life is about living in the moment. These two precocious 18 month old toddlers have no concept of the past or future. They just know to live in the present. And when we venture into their world, fully-present, the world looks different, like a kaleidoscope […]