Munira Premji

September 2023 Is Blood Cancer Awareness Month

September 2023 is Blood Cancer Awareness Month and a chance to share vital information to inspire change in the fight against blood cancers. The 3 major blood cancers are multiple myeloma, leukemia and lymphoma. Myeloma accounts for 19% of blood cancer diagnoses each year. Lymphoma, around 48% and Leukemia, around 33%. 12 years ago, I […]

It’s a Fine Line…

One of the highlights we were anticipating all year was going to Nairobi for 6 weeks to spend time with our son, Shayne, his wife, Cherrelle, and their children, Mos Malik and Robi Rakim. The bonus was that our daughter, Sabrina, and her family were also going to come with us to Nairobi. So this […]

All I did was play

All I did was play Amaal Noor Habib, my granddaughter, is two and starting to speak in sentences. And one of our most enjoyable activities is having a conversation with her. Yesterday, she saw me on my laptop and said, “Nima, you working?” And I said, “Nima is working!”. “Did Amaal work today?” I asked. […]

Showing Up

Early in my diagnoses, more than 11 years ago, I started asking a question that helped me decide how to respond to challenges I was facing with the diagnoses. The question was “How do I want to show up (in this moment, at this time, in this situation, with this person)?” This one question opens up the possibilities and gives me choices.

Compassion Begins With You

This past week has been a tough one for me. I noticed that I was feeling sad, almost as if I was letting myself down.