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It was with much trepidation that I embarked on my journey to become a podcast host during the COVID pandemic. I pored through materials, took a course on what it takes to have a great podcast, talked to people who had experience doing podcasts, and spent a long time coming up with the concept and name of the podcast. Nervously I invited guests, not quite sure why they would want to take a chance on a new podcast. It was a nerve-wrecking, exhilarating time of experimenting and fine-tuning.

The first podcast I did was with a henna artist extraordinaire, Tarquin Singh. The first recording was a colossal fail. After a great conversation with Tarquin, and as we were high-fiving each other, I realized that I had forgotten to press “record” and the interview was lost. I was shame-faced and confessed this to Tarquin. After one minute of pregnant pause, Tarquin said she was okay to be re-interviewed for the podcast. She did and I was floored by her grace and kindness.

I then interviewed some extraordinary people on a variety of topics: Martha Southgate, Dionne Warner, Ana Tajder, Aziz Velji, Ursula Pottinga, Dr. Navaz Habib, Ann Betz, Cherrelle Druppers and Leila Keshavjee. The podcasts have been downloaded over 800 times, which is not a lot but it is more than I had expected. Now I am recording podcasts for Season 2!

What I have learned after completing the first season of Choosing Hope: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things is that, despite the work involved, podcasting is actually fun. You get to meet really cool people and each episode is a chance to learn something new. Most surprising is that it is possible to find great guests for your show and that people are generally generous and want to see you succeed. I also learnt that it takes skill to interview guests – something I thought I would come naturally to me. After the first couple of interviews, I realized that I was too self-conscious about asking the right question and over-thinking the process. I needed to get better. So I spent hours examining the techniques of podcast hosts I admire to figure out how to engage with my guests effectively and give them the space to share their insights and wisdom with listeners. With practice, I am slowly building some competence as a podcast host.    

The one change that I have decided to make for Season 2 is to adjust the focus of the podcast. The previous vision was to find ordinary people from around the world, doing extraordinary things. Upon reflection, I found that I was naturally drawn toward guests who talked about the themes that I explore in my book, Choosing Hope: 1 Woman. 3 Cancers.  These include topics around dealing with cancer and other challenging situations and finding a way through them. Topics on change, resilience, balance, focus, gratitude, community, learnings, faith and hope. Choosing Hope: Living Courageously Through Adversity comes with brand new music, an original song, recorded by Farah Mitha, an extraordinary singer, songwriter and performer, and produced by the equally talented Karim Barolia.

In December and January, I interviewed five wonderful guests, each with an incredible story to tell. Thank you, dear listeners, for your support and kindness in sticking with me through this new venture as I strive to find my bearings, bring you valuable programming and, hopefully, increase the number of listeners who subscribe to the Choosing Hope podcast.

Today, I am thrilled to share with you my interview with Lori Marini,  a Cancer Warrior, Life and Wellness Coach, Pathologist Assistant, Reiki Practitioner, Dog Mom, Lover of Music, Beach, and Palm Trees.  As a breast cancer survivor, Lori knows first-hand what it takes to go beyond fear and find the courage to live the life you want, on your own terms. As an accredited coach, Lori works with empowering women during their healing journey after a life crisis. Lori has a Masters in Health Sciences as a pathologist assistant and has worked in the hospital system as a tumor expert. She also hosts a podcast called Conversations with Courageous Cancer Warriors. To reach Lori, go to

Lori Marini and Munira

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  • Lucy , April 10, 2021

    You motivate me Munira and i truly appreciate your inspiration. May God bless you much

    • Munira Premji , April 10, 2021

      Lucy – – you are simply a beautiful soul!

  • Nazir Nensi , January 16, 2021

    Mubarak Mukhianima

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