Munira Premji

Hello everyone!  To herald 2021, I want to invite you to participate in the #ChoosingHopeChallenge. The vision of this challenge is to shift the communal energy towards gratitude and hope to bring in the new year. 

2020 was a year of pause, of reflection, of introspection.  COVID-19 altered life as we knew it and created disruption, confusion and challenges. It was also an epic time of transformation and learning to do things differently. As we begin a brand new year, there is renewed hope and reason to be optimistic with the development of vaccines.

#ChoosingHopeChallenge is a way for you to express – in your own way – one thing you were grateful for in 2020, and one thing you are hopeful for in 2021.  And then tag 3 other people to make their own videos. 

For 2020, what is the one good thing you experienced?

For 2021, what is the first thing you will do after being vaccinated? Where might you travel? Who and where will you meet for dinner? At home or a restaurant? And what restaurant? What did you put on hold that you are excited to start in 2021? What stores will you frequent? How will you stay healthy? Who is the first person you will visit? What projects will you embark on?

#ChoosingHopeChallenge is a collaborative effort with Farah Mitha, singer, songwriter and founder of Firefly World. When Farah read my book, Choosing Hope: 1 Woman. 3 Cancers, she resonated with the messages of hope, strength, resilience, community and love.  She co-wrote and performed an original song called, “Choosing Hope” with these same themes. The song was produced by Karim Barolia. This song is now available on all streaming platforms. Below is the Youtube link:

My wish is that you make your own #ChoosingHopeChallenge video to continue spreading hope, joy and gratitude in 2021.  It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just 3 steps:

  1. Think about one thing that happened in 2020 that you were grateful for and one thing you are hopeful for in 2021.  
  2. Using the sample challenge script below, record yourself on your smartphone or any other recording device.
  3. Post your video on your social media account. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ChoosingHopeChallenge and tag 3 of your friends so they can make their videos and invite their friends to participate. 

If you could play Farah’s song, Choosing Hope, in the background of your video, that would be really cool! 

Let’s make this challenge a movement and bring the message of gratitude and hope into 2021!

Here is my #ChoosingHopeChallenge video:

This is my #ChoosingHopeChallenge video

Sample Challenge Script:

Hey everyone! My name is __________________, and I’m participating in the #ChoosingHopeChallenge to bring gratitude and hope into the new year! One thing I am grateful for from 2020 is ___________.
One thing I’m hopeful for in 2021 is ____________.
I nominate @______________, @___________________, and @__________________ to make their own #ChoosingHopeChallenge video so we can spread joy and hope in 2021!