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This month I was scheduled to do a number of book launches, promotions and signings for my book Choosing Hope: 1 Woman. 3 Cancers. Due to COVID-19, all these events have been cancelled. So here I am, improvising and doing virtual events: In the video below, I read a chapter from my book: You can order the book from For a limited time, get 20% off the cover price (use code STAYHOME at checkout) and get an e-book free. If you’ve already pre-ordered from Amazon, Chapters Indigo or other online retailer, just send proof of purchase to and they will send you a free e-book to read while you wait for your printed version. Please note that, due to the disruption caused by the coronavirus, the book is currently not available for purchase at Amazon, Chapters Indigo and other online retailers. I look forward to hearing from you as you read the book. Share what brings you hope and let’s try and build a community around #ChoosingHope, particularly during this time of physical distancing. Happy reading!


  • Parin Sunderji , October 9, 2020

    Congratulations on your brilliant letter to Donald Trump It was emailed to me by a dear friend.

    I read all your posts and I have learnt much from them.

  • Rodger Tiedemann , April 30, 2020

    Dear Munira, congratulations on bringing your story, and that of your family, into print ..and on making the recommended Canadian author reading list!

    Your saga is a true inspiration- the title “Choosing Hope” says it all, and I thank you for sharing it. I know it will touch the lives of many. Having Nagib’s, Shayne’s and Sabrina’s individual perspectives interwoven into the narrative, as the events unfold, really provides a unique and personal picture of the impact of cancer on your family and adds power to your message. I think for anyone, the idea of facing cancer is a frightening proposition, yet you have faced 3! You are living proof of the tremendous value of hope and family. It’s a wonderful book. Best wishes for the launch!

    • Munira Premji , April 30, 2020

      Thanks Dr. Tiedemann! Your words mean the world to me….

  • Shellina , April 30, 2020

    Dear author congratulations on the publication of your book! Hope! Such an important, meaningful word! Bravo! Thank you for sharing your journey. God Bless!

    • Munira Premji , April 30, 2020

      Thanks so much Shellina. It was, and continues to be, quite the journey!

  • Patricia Gostick , April 24, 2020

    I enjoyed your reading. Thank-you for sharing your story. Good luck with your book.

    • Munira Premji , April 30, 2020

      Thanks Patricia! I hope to do more readings over the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

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