Munira Premji

Munira V2.0

With a CTL-ALT-DEL and an autologous stem cell transplant, Munira Version 2.0 was born on February 15, 2013.  

On this, her first birthday, we are pleased to share Munira’s Journeya documentary on Munira’s Journey through Cancer, as told through her eyes:

Munira’s Journey came from a desire to share her story with family and friends, and to reflect on her journey with cancer — a journey that has been wrought with losses, and with many blessings.  The concept is based on Oprah’s “Master Class”, an hour-long interview with a famous personality, which is split into several segments, and each segment focuses on a specific lesson.

Please click here to read about the making of this film:  Munira’s Journey, A Special Premiere.

Below is a link to a playlist on YouTube which contains the film, the video of the premiere at Cineplex Odeon Silvercity Fairview Mall Cinema in Toronto, as well as separate segments containing a specific lesson:


With gratitude,
The Premji Family


  • David and Erika , February 17, 2014

    Hi Munira,

    We want to wish you a very happy and glorious birthday. We wish you continued good health. Your inspirational messages are amazing and will help many for years to come. We send our love to you and all your loving family. hugs, Erika and Dave

    • Premji Family , February 17, 2014

      Hugs right back at you! It is such a small world. I saw Martha at PMH last week when we both went in for check-ups. And I had the pleasure of having coffee with Jan on Friday! We are a resilient club of Multiple Mylemoers! Wishing you great health as well and lots of opportunities for us to work together! Munira

  • Lynda and Dave Cavanagh , February 17, 2014

    Munira, You look fantastic. We hope you are doing well. I have shared your journey with many of our friends and it has given many of them hope. Thanks for keeping us u to date. Dave and I are going to Florida to visit friends and enjoy the sunshine. Keep in touch and Hi to your family. Love, Lynda and Dave

    Sent from Lynda’s iPad

    • Premji Family , February 17, 2014

      To my most favorite people in the world! Hi! Absolutely love getting your notes. Happy visit to Florida. Please bring back some good weather. Had a visit with my oncologist last week and he says I’m doing fabulous and the cancer is behaving. Cant wait to see you guys again. Love, Munira

  • Yasmin , February 16, 2014

    Happy belated birthday and our wishes for your good health, long life and lots of happiness

    Nazir & yasmin Valani

    • Premji Family , February 17, 2014

      Amen to all your prayers and wishes Mukhisaheb and Mukhianimaa!

  • Fatima Khemani , February 16, 2014

    Phenomenal video! Your positivity and honesty about this speed bump is remarkable. I am very excited to hear about your book. I cannot wait to read it! You are in my thoughts!

    • Premji Family , February 17, 2014

      Wow! After I got your note, I started to work on the book again. Thank you for the inspiration and your encouragement! Munira

  • Dilshad , February 16, 2014

    May you be blessed with many many more healthy, happy, peaceful and fulfilling birthdays to come!
    We love you,
    Arif, Dilshad, Nareesa and Tahara

    • Premji Family , February 17, 2014

      An abundance of love right back at you the Nathoos! Really appreciate all your good wishes! Munira

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