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Today, I reached a milestone:  I combed my hair!

This is probably not earth shattering news in the scheme of things, but for me it is huge!  For almost 14 months, I have had no hair to comb.  No curls to tease.  No wisps to pull.  And then slowly, over the past month, my hair follicles woke up.  All of a sudden it seemed that there was a race for the hair to come out after a long period of hibernation.  I was curious to see the texture and colour of the hair.  I had heard from many cancer patients that their normally straight hair came back tightly curled.  A couple of my cancer friends told me that they went from dark hair to a lighter shade.  I declare that my hair came back straight and black.  And then last week,  the gray in my hair made an uninvited cameo appearance and threatened to take over the black.

So I called my friend and hairdresser Afsan asking her opinion on what colour I should dye my hair.  Should I go Blonde?  Black?  Red?  The conversation was pretty serious, akin to a discussion about economic policy.  Since I have so little hair, I figured I would pick up hair colour from Shoppers Drug Mart and apply it myself.  Afsan told me in no uncertain terms that I was not to do anything like that.  She said that she had waited 14 months to colour my hair and asked me to meet her at the hair saloon where she would do the honours.  I came home with my newly minted hair, and my husband said he hated it.  He is beginning to come around though!  I am only just getting used to this new look.

Over the past few days, I’ve been having a lot of fun with the little hair I have.  I wash it frequently, dry it with a dryer (it takes exactly 10 seconds to dry!), gel it, mousse it and run my fingers through it.  I’ve never appreciated hair as much as I do now.

The bigger question is what do I do with the 13 wigs I have amassed so far?  Wigs that allowed me to take on multiple personas; wigs that have made my journey with cancer easier.  I don’t think I am ready to give up on them yet.  So I am going to take advantage of the full repertoire and enjoy all the many looks of cancer.


  • Anonymous , August 16, 2013

    A collage of the various looks, if you are up for it…..

  • Anonymous , August 13, 2013

    Guzri hui jindgi ko kabhi yaad na kar,Taqdir me jo likha hai uski fariyad na kar,Jo hoga wo hokar rahega,Tu kalki fikar me apni aaj ki hasi barbad na kar.Mor nachte hue bhi rota haiaurHans marte hue bhi gata haiYe jindagi ka funda hai bossDukho wali raat neend nahi aatiOrKhushi wali raat kaun sota hai…

  • Anonymous , August 13, 2013

    hair ,?now we get to like it more, isnt that strange !
    at one point we all thought or think it is our right to have hair?

    as usual, it applies to everyone, we get to appreciate things more only after we have experienced its absence

    good! take good care of it from now on…


  • Moira , August 12, 2013

    Congratulations, I am looking forward with the same anticipation. My chemo is finished Aug 22, and I will be studying my head every day! Re your 13 wigs: They told me in the wig shop at PMH that they will gladly receive used wigs, clean them, and donate them to someone needy who cannot afford a wig and does not have a plan to pay for it. This might be a solution for the ones you really don’t want, but have fun with the others.

  • Wedad Keshavji , August 12, 2013

    Great to hear that you are doing well. You certainly look amazing and continue to be an inspiration!

  • Gulzar Surani , August 12, 2013

    Thanks for the update; you simply look gorgeous. Gulzar. Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 01:45:40 +0000 To:

  • Anonymous , August 12, 2013

    Beautiful! 🙂
    Saira Nasirdin.

  • Anonymous , August 12, 2013

    Stunning photo!!!

  • Suzanne Sutherland , August 12, 2013

    Beautiful! Whether hat , wig, scarf or hair, it is the lady who wears them that brings the beauty.

  • Anonymous , August 12, 2013

    This look is all about Munira Premji! I am thrilled to see you are more excited about your look than the journey it took you thorugh – Our thought and prayers for you and family always. I like the look girl:)

  • Kermally , August 12, 2013

    That picture of yours in short hair may just inspire a whole new trend! Looking fab as usual.

  • Salima , August 12, 2013

    Aww Mukhiyqni Maa! I am so happy after reading this blog! It brought tears of joy in my eyes! May you always keep smiling from inside and outside!!

    I love you so much!


  • Shahnaz Suteria , August 12, 2013

    Looking very sexy and chic! I like the look. One feels an amazing sense of lightness in short hair and it looks brilliant on you!

  • Alnasir Dhanani + family , August 11, 2013

    Not only are you a role model, but you look like a model! So glad that you’ve come out of the journey you’ve been through smiling. Love the hair and love the spirit – your story is extremely inspiring and a lot of people have a lot to learn from you. You’re always in our prayers. My daughter looks up to you a lot and she has every reason.

  • Julie Nunes , August 11, 2013

    looking good Munira!!! xoxoxo

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