Munira Premji

I am not a particularly good fundraiser, nor do I have rolls of cash spouting out of a well-fitted suit. I am entirely uncomfortable with asking for money, and shy away from sending email blasts.

But I am a daughter.

A daughter who has never had the need to open up to others because she has always had her Mom by her side. A daughter who knows every Phantom, Joseph, ABBA and Jersey Boys’ song because of her Mom’s love for Broadway musicals. A daughter who, after 25 years, still finds opportunities to hold her Mom’s hand.

But more recently, I am a daughter of a Multiple Myeloma patient.

A daughter who has seen her mother lose her hair, lose her job, lose her taste and lose her strength. A daughter who has watched her mother fight valiantly in emergency rooms, ambulances and intensive care units. A daughter who has had to support her Mom through a series of highs –high M-protein level, high fever and the ‘dexa high’, as well as a period of lows – low hemoglobin, low white blood cell count and the ‘dexa low’. A daughter who has seen her Mom cry.

But more optimistically, I am a daughter of a Multiple Myeloma patient with dreams.

A patient who dreams of seeing her children get married and live their happily ever afters. A patient who dreams of cuddling with her little Premji grandchildren and reading them bedtime stories. A patient who dreams of growing old with her husband and spending the frigid Canadian winters on Clearwater beach. A patient who dreams of making a difference in this world and leaving a legacy.  A patient who dreams a cure for Multiple Myeloma will be found. And found in her lifetime.

Munira & Sabrina Premji


This Sunday, our family will be walking in the Princess Margaret Journey to Conquer Cancer – an event whose funds will be used to support Multiple Myeloma research. We have been touched by the generous contributions, support and love received. If you would like to contribute and haven’t had a chance to do so yet, you can click on:

– Sabrina


  • Anonymous , June 26, 2013

    to the anonymous above who has menttioned about her daughter 32

    Our prayers are with you and thank you so much for bringing it up, as my dad always said,” one should always look below to see how lucky you are ”
    you are an incredible mom! and you have given us so much understanding and patience and tolerance when you simply shared your story
    keep writing

  • Dilshad Nathoo , June 22, 2013

    We will walk all together to make a difference tomorrow. Indeed there will be a cure found in your mom’s lifetime and all the daughters, sisters, aunts, husbands, sons, brothers, uncles, and loved ones lifetimes!! Ameen.

  • Anonymous , June 22, 2013

    I am a mother. The mother of a daughter who at 32 was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in January 2012. I am a mother who wishes I had this disease instead of her. The dreams that I have for her seem impossible now. Will she ever meet someone & marry? I don’t think she will be able to ever have children . Will this testing & Chemo ever end & what is it doing to her body? She has had 4 months of chemo/dex, stem cell transplant & now maintenance on Revilmid. She gets Zometa once a month & has lost 2 inches. Her bones are to soft for them to do anything to straighten her out . She is the strongest woman I know & I wish so much I could carry her burden instead.

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