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For the last 4 days in Florida and 6 months prior since the cancer diagnosis, it has become a Premji family tradition to propose a toast with every drink.  Whether it’s a virgin strawberry daiquiri, fresh lemonade at Desoto beach or coffee at Denny’s, our toast is always the same – to life.  I’m not sure how it came to be, but it is a ritual that has become so meaningful in our lives.  For each one of us, it symbolizes something different.  My Dad sees the alternative of life as death; toasting to life is a reminder that his life partner is alive and well.  That my Mom is still with us in spite of two severe blood cancers.  My Mom lives and breathes our toasts – for her, it captures a moment in time to celebrate being alive.  So as I sit here at Clearwater beach with the starry night above me and the sound of the ocean all around, I would like to propose a toast to life.


Here’s to the certainty of the sun rising every day and the stars shining every night.

To surprises, unexpected delights and all of the joy that comes our way.

To treading confidently in the direction of our dreams.

To living each experience.  To being present.

To first dates, play dates and everything in between.

To laughing until your stomach hurts.

To exclamation marks!

To freedom, to choice, to being the hero of your own story.

To unexpected curveballs and roadblocks with a bag of lessons to be learned.

To time – every second, every moment of it.

Here’s to, first sips and last bites.

To the beauty of our dreams.  And the magic of making them come true.

To love, the greatest of all forces.  And to holding onto it once we’ve been lucky enough to find it.

To family. To friends who find their way into our hearts.

To a world of opportunity and living in the world of possibilities

To hope.  And the courage and faith to know that everything will be okay.

To the gift of living.  To each breath.

For this is what life is.  To life!

– Sabrina


  • Anonymous , February 14, 2013

    Amazingly written. Thank you for this inspirational post.

  • Dilshad Nathoo , August 21, 2012

    To love, to life and to happily ever after….Cheers!!


  • Alia Sunderji , August 17, 2012

    to life indeed. looking forward to seeing both of your faces soon. xoxo Alia

  • Anonymous , August 9, 2012

    good, keep it up

    i was very happy to see your picture smilig , both of you
    no words to express the feelings

    goooooooood job! good accomplishments shukar!by worrying you take away the strenght of the day,so why keep on worrying, pray and help yourselves and Allah will help , we are with you all

  • Rashida Kanji , August 3, 2012

    To Life!!:) Cheers to you all!

  • Wannietta , August 1, 2012

    To LIfe!! <3

  • Anonymous , July 31, 2012

    Sabrina keep up the spirit. Beautifully written. Enjoy and cheers to you all
    Love SHamim & Imi

  • Julie , July 31, 2012

    Here here. Cheers!!!

  • Anonymous , July 31, 2012


    You are an amazing writer!! I am so proud of your mum she is so positive and full of life! inshallah everything will work out in her favor! Our prayers are there for your family.
    Saira Nasirdin!

    • Anonymous , July 31, 2012

      I agree with Saira, you are truly a gifted writer!!! Say “hi” to your mom for me.


  • Taz , July 31, 2012

    So touching and beautifully written!

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