Munira Premji

Though they may not wear tights and a cape, nor have their initials plastered to their chest, there are four extraordinary superheroes who have come into my life.

Dr. Almas Adatia. Superpower: Persistence.

  • In December, I noticed I was tired and needed more sleep than usual.  I went to my Family Doctor, Dr. Adatia, who suggested I have my blood levels checked.  That was the very first time my hemoglobin level had plummeted to 70.  She took this very seriously and had me go to Emergency immediately for a blood transfusion.  With new blood in me, I felt alive again, but Dr. Adatia insisted on weekly blood tests which showed a continual decline.  If it were not for her persistence and follow-through, I would have likely continued living like this indefinitely without any resolution to the cause of the blood loss.

Dr. Jean Wang.  Hematologist, Princess Margaret Hospital. Superpower: The Connector.

  • I met Dr. Wang, my first hematologist, at the Emergency department at Toronto General Hospital.  I didn’t even know what a hematologist was!  I appreciated her thoroughness and how seriously she took her job.  Her focus was to get me to the right oncologist and get a treatment plan in place.  She knew that time was of the essence, and she ensured I was connected to the right oncologist.

Dr. Rodger Tiedemann.  Oncologist.  Princess Margaret Hospital.  Superpower: Superman.  

  • Dr. Tiedemann belongs in the extraordinary leagues of gentlemen.  A big New Zealander, he graces the hospital with professionalism, good looks, competence and an accent that makes even the worst news about cancer, seem like poetry.  Dr. Tiedemann’s expertise in both Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma is a perfect fit for my complex case — it’s like he was made for me!  I really appreciate how he partners with us as he designs a treatment plan.
Dr. Christine Cserti-Gazdewich.  Transfusion Medicine Specialist/Clinical Hematologist.  Toronto General Hospital.  Superpower: Going above and beyond.  
  • Dr. Cserti is the kind of person everyone wants to have on their team.  She goes above and beyond the call of duty and places patient welfare at the heart of her work.  Last Thursday, when I was rushed to Emergency with a hemoglobin of 42 that was dropping every hour, she and her team worked tirelessly behind the scenes to find the right blood match.  A daunting task. Quite simply, without her, the game would be over before it even began.

We all have superheroes in our lives.  People who did little and big things to make our world a better place.  Who are your superheroes and how will you recognize them today?

– Munira


  • Anonymous , April 19, 2012

    Munira – I echo Julie’s comment you are my hero:) Thoughts and prayers with you always.

    Diana Briggs

  • Wanda L. Brown , March 20, 2012

    Wow! What a team, Munira! I have one more group of people to add to your team and that is your CTI family. On Friday, 3/16/12, I attended “Meet the Model Workshop” led by Henry & Karen Kimsey-House, Founders of CTI. They allowed me the honor of asking the entire group of coaches to send love and light to you…we are standing with you. Also, Henry and Karen gave me a DVD to send you and if your address is still the same as when we were in certification, I will mail this gift to you. Many hugs and kisses to you.


    • Premji Family , March 21, 2012

      Wanda – – Like wow! I felt that light and love – – I truly did.
      I attended the Meet the Model workshop in Toronto and it was such a treat to meet Henry and Karen in person. My address is still the same. Hey can we schedule a call one of these days? I miss not talking to you on the phone. What would be a good day and time to call you?

  • Nimet & Karim , March 17, 2012

    Dearest Munira Mukhiani,

    You are our superhero and an inspiration to all !


    Raheem, Aly, Nimet & Karim

    • Premji Family , March 19, 2012

      Gee thanks Nimet and Karim. Wish I had a batmobile….. Munira

  • Rashida Kanji , March 16, 2012

    Dear Munira Mukhiani,

    Dilshad is so right! You are a true superhero,Superwoman with super strength,ability to go on and on and on and on!Don’t ever give up because it is just NOT in you to give up.You also have to be a super Dadima & Nanima!! So keep that positive attitude alive.Missing you in khane.
    take care and keep smiling!,

    Love Always,

    • Premji Family , March 19, 2012

      Thanks Rashida. Not sure if I am ready to be a grandmother yet though! No plans of giving up n this fight. Munira

  • Dilshad Nathoo , March 16, 2012

    Dear Munira Mukhiani,

    Well you are the true superhero: Superwoman! Your strength, courage, positive attitude, zest for life, determination, intelligence, power, ability to keep going on and on and on without ever giving up, humility, twinkly eyes, the aura of light always around you, and most importantly your amazing HUGS…..that to me, in my eyes, is a true superhero.

    With my special love,

    P.S. I know what you mean about Mr. Tiedemann! He looks like he’s just come out of high school…damn those New Zealand genes!!

    • Premji Family , March 19, 2012

      You give me way too much credit Dilshad! Takes a hugger to know one! Munira

  • Julie , March 16, 2012

    You are my superhero

    • Premji Family , March 19, 2012

      Awww shucks Julie! Munira

  • Isabelle , March 16, 2012

    Dr. Tiedemann … hummm very cute!

    • Premji Family , March 19, 2012

      and highly competent….. Munira

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